Release Notes

Current Version: 10.4.3-RC8 Build 955
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6.5 Build 2

Improvement Added in-app support for maintenance mode



Improvement Improved long press functionality
Improvement Rotation support for tablet devices
Improvement Small UI changes to login screen
Improvement "No Connection" screen for login links such as Faq, Privacy, etc
Bug Fixed app shortcut for As-needed meds



Improvement Cursors found on the login screen forms are styled to be white
Improvement Fulfilled tasks now show the amount previous entered for that specific task
Improvement Coach images found on the home screen now opens the new message
Improvement Coach messages are displayed full width
Improvement Version information now displayed on the settings page
Improvement Top navigation header and health metric tiles now support dark mode and now match iOS design
Improvement Feedback card on the reports page now supports 4 lines
Bug Fixed crash that occurred when a user tries to delete a previously fulfilled task
Bug Fix bug that caused the time in an event form to be truncated when the date has changed
Bug Fixed an issue which caused long feedback messages to appear truncated
Bug Removed caching from web views in the app which causes some pages from loading most recent web content
Bug Fixed bug which caused the up/down arrow to disappear haphazardly
Bug Fixed bug which caused the app to stop when a medicine event is added