Release Notes

Current Version: 10.4.3-RC8 Build 955
This page contains short form release notes. For documentation on release features, click here.


8.2 Build 2

Improvement Added support for dialing a phone-number directly by tapping.


8.1 Build 1

Improvement Fixed support for deep-linking into our app via external links such as those contained in an email message.


8.0 Build 7

New Feature Re-introduced push notification support.
New Feature Refresh icon in top-right page for traveling providers to force update of location data and reports on the page.
Bug Fixed a bug that caused the app to slow down or stall after long periods of running without restart or re-install.


7.9 Build 1

Improvement Improved location settings troubleshooting tool, found in the "App Options" page.
Improvement Improvements to GPS location reporting reliability for traveling providers.


7.7 Build 1

Improvement Updated location reporting to provide the care center with a little more data to help visualize where providers' location tracking gets spotty.


7.6 Build 1

Improvement Updates to diagnostic data reporting.


7.5 Build 1

New Feature Added a variety of anonymous diagnostic data reporting tools to app to help improve app stability and improve support capabilities.
Improvement Added better control over location reporting so that device reporting can be turned off based on user's status.


6.8 Build 1

Improvement Improved accuracy of GPS reporting for traveling care providers using the mobile app.


6.5 Build 2

Improvement Added in-app support for maintenance mode


6.2 Build 3

Bug Fixed layout bug to properly accommodate ios status bar.
Bug Fixed login issue that caused getting started steps to be skipped.


6.2 Build 2

Bug Adjusted behavior of "long-press" to simply emulated a regular click.


6.2 Build 1

Bug Updated user-facing copy in the getting-started wizard pages.


6.1 Build 3

Improvement Improved shared code between android and iOS wrapper apps.


6.0 Build 5

New Feature Updated app to make use of web technology instead of native iOS code to bring new features to app users more quickly.


5.7 Build 2

New Feature Added a pop-up notification when a new badge is awarded.


2.6 Build 1

Bug Adding medication wizard


2.5 Build 3

Improvement Event selection screen improvements, including hiding disabled event types.
Improvement Removed the green success banner after network calls.
Improvement Embed original email HTML as part of a reply messages.
improvement Readjusted the weight mini tables report to make it a bit more readable
improvement Show/hide link is preserved when navigating between days
improvement Goals and tasks now appear on the calendar page
bug Fixed bug which prevented the office weight measurement from being saved


2.3 Build 2

New Feature Added Meals and enhanced Glucose + Carbs + Insulin Forms
Improvement Expanded hit target of play/pause button
Bug Ensure single Glucose value in timeperiod will render in combined Glucose/Last A1C Chart


2.2 Build 2

New Feature Split iPad and iPhone support into separate apps, iDialogs Health and iDialogs iPad
New Feature Basic healthkit integration introduced supporting read/write permissions for blood pressure, glucose and weight.
Improvement Network performance improvements.
improvement Added functionality to enhance resizing of text and images on the home page
Bug Experimental patch for duplication of events resulting from syncing OneTouch with HealthKit
bug Fixed a bug preventing users from receiving exercise feedback messages
bug Added code fix to prevent glucose events from having both "before" and "after" meal event tags
bug Fixed a bug which caused involuntary logging out when Safari push notifications are turned on
bug Corrected the way the hamburger menu handles horizontal orientation for mobile web browsers
bug Fixed a bug which caused an "undefined" modal message to appear when trying to connect a doctor account to a patient account
bug Corrected html links found in SMS event reminder messages



Improvement Minor improvements to a1c graphs and data entry
improvement Added Safari Push Notifications
improvement Enhanced exercise dialog for chatting with the Idialogs system
improvement Fine tuned message criteria to allow for better user feedback messages
improvement Message drop down menu added
improvement Added better formatting to the on borading wizard
improvement Added the diabetes drugs Invokamet and Toujeo to the Idialogs database
bug Fixed user task bug which prevented tasks from updating
bug Fixed url link for alert messages
bug Fixed avatar php error found in the patient list report


2.0 Build 1

New Feature Alpha testing healthkit integration.
New Feature A1c data entry and analytics support.
improvement Added Exercise conversation capabilities for Ida chat
improvement Enhanced event scheduling functionality
improvement Added task tracking
Bug Fixed issue where all form buttons opened flag entry page.
Bug Patched variety of minor user interface bugs.
Bug Fixed animation bug related to messages.
bug Fixed an error which would occur when changing daily scheduled medications
bug Fixed a bug which caused an error when disabling event tracking for weight
bug Added a fix to allow for changing report settings for an iPad using version 9.0.2


1.9.1 Build 4

Improvement Support for updates in iOS 10
Bug Bug fixes for backward compatibility to iOS 8


1.9 Build 6

New Feature Custom time period support on the task tab and calendar task screens
New Feature
Improvement Thread error logger upgrade
Improvement Updated payload parser for prescriptions and schedules to support most recent API changes
Improvement Many small UI tweaks to mimic iOS app
Improvement Reports Chart Library Upgrade
Improvement Added visual spinner to indicate loading of individual charts
Improvement Modifications to reduce memory leak occurrences throughout the app
Improvement Modifications to how threading occurs in the app to prevent concurrent errors and reduce ANR issues
Improvement Fix for keeping pusher connection consistent when logging in and out of the app using different accounts
Improvement Audit call now creates, updates and deletes events
Improvement Added keys for Crashlytics reporting
Bug Added logic to handle old/ended prescriptions appropriately
Bug Resolved memory leak
Bug Fix for fragment/activity detach and re-attachment issue which caused the app to crash when the app had a phone level config change
Bug Fixed a rare crash related to forms
Bug Fixed a visual bug in the home screen where cards did not lay out correctly
Bug Fixed freeze on app suspend/resume
Bug Fixed crash on Total App Refresh
Bug Fixed minor navigation issue where back button did not always work from login help pages


1.7 Build 2

New Feature Live-validation messages on forms
New Feature Added new messages tab for access to messages from IDA and other users
New Feature Home page card showing the latest unread message
NEW FEATURE App automatically updates tasks each day
NEW FEATURE Added custom images for feedback cards on Home screen and reports
NEW FEATURE Added pusher so that the app will self update based on user made changes done on the web
NEW FEATURE Added messages view to main tab bar, messages card to the home screen and messages option screen
NEW FEATURE Added A1C entry form via the "+" add data
NEW FEATURE Added Glucose Avg and Last A1C Chart
NEW FEATURE Added Glucose and All A1C Chart
NEW FEATURE Added data submission feedback animation for tasks and events
Improvement Glucose form now allows unspecified meal tag option
Improvement Visual improvements to messages view including dark mode support, smoothed out the message rendering, added a loading indicator, avatar sizing fix, and more.
Improvement Divided messages up by coach or user and made view collapsible/expandable
Improvement Added link to calendar on the report summary page
Improvement Adjusted styles of the activity indicators on the report summary page
Improvement Minor UX adjustments to validation behavior
Improvement Style and UX improvements to the messages and message detail views
Improvement More efficient and user-friendly view updates on the messages page
Improvement Hide unecessary button in email view
Improvement Improvements and bug fixes to support newly released iOS 10
IMPROVEMENT Fix function for green "done" button on soft-keyboard
IMPROVEMENT Removed slide animation from the view pager container
IMPROVEMENT Removed code hindering performance found on the calendar view
IMPROVEMENT User is no longer able to navigate to future dates in the calendar
IMPROVEMENT Toggle improvements made to "options" tray seen on the calendar screen
IMPROVEMENT Made changes to the upload model to support bulk data submission
IMPROVEMENT Made modifications to pub-sub feature to improve UI responsiveness
IMPROVEMENT Added event type to the titles of the reports screens
IMPROVEMENT Icons for tasks and event now respond to touch
IMPROVEMENT Made alterations to the messages options pane
IMPROVEMENT Added entry form trigger for touch on icons related to tasks/events
IMPROVEMENT Fixed typo on Total App Refresh checklist for preferences
IMPROVEMENT Disabled blue highlight color of nav bar when navigating away from home
IMPROVEMENT Bottom tab bar disappears when on the profile screen similar to the iOS App
IMPROVEMENT Improved task order
IMPROVEMENT Made improvements to parsing engine for tasks and events
IMPROVEMENT Added line separators to improve the visual separation of the top and bottom navigation bars and the main content
IMPROVEMENT Made small adjustments to the UI for the reports tab, task/events tab and messages tab to increase vertical space
IMPROVEMENT Added code to improve app stability
IMPROVEMENT Improved loading speed for individual message web views as well as version and help web views
IMPROVEMENT UI adjustments made for dark mode regarding the tasks and reports tabs
IMPROVEMENT User navigation improvement for when a user navigates to reports by tapping on feedback cards or health status tile from the home screen
IMPROVEMENT UI changes made to titles for bundles. Now similar to IOS app
IMPROVEMENT Made improvements to the view hierarchy
Bug Sort order of events in stream is fixed
Bug Read/Unread tracking is functioning properly on the messages view
Bug Fixed uncommon bug with login-refresh after an app version update
Bug Prevent duplicate event creation on unstable network
Bug Visual bugs including card borders and separator views.
Bug Fixed crash related to rotation animation of pending tasks
BUG Fix bug where a background thread was not updating the UI for tasks and past events
BUG Charts now show goal lines and scale similar to the iOS app
BUG Bug fix for variable medications in medication form
BUG Tapping on a fulfilled tasks now show the corresponding previously submitted form instead of an empty form
BUG Exercise tasks that have a specific exercise scheduled now repopulate data in exercise form
BUG Removed ripple effects from the feedback, health metrics and achievement card because this caused scrolling to be a bit fuzzy
BUG Fixed charting issue where to labels for pie charts appeared too small
BUG Fixed another charting issue where the BG High/Low Pie Chart was not color coding the pie chart properly
BUG Added fix for concurrent modifications of data structures utilized by the tasks view
BUG Fixed issue preventing auto update of systolic charts
BUG Fixed bug that causes the health metric to navigate to the wrong reports
BUG Fixed getting started typos
BUG Fixed various bugs associated with pusher, charts and ui changes
BUG Fixed various ui related bugs
BUG Fixed various bugs related to filtering tasks/events when using the task or calendar sections of the app
BUG Fix null error on home screen when a user initially logs into the app
BUG Fix typo on preferences page
BUG Fixed database lock exception
BUG Fixed server timeout issue
BUG Fixed a bug which prevented a user from logging into DEV
BUG Fixed issue regarding pusher for newly added prescriptions
BUG Previously fulfilled tasks populates the appropriate event form according to new json payload
BUG Fixed bug which would cause a user to be navigated to the home screen following a full
BUG Fix auto update for when a new day has started
BUG Fixed display no more tasks for calendar day views for certain edge cases
BUG Fixed display order for tasks by having them ordered by "start time" instead of "time stamp"
BUG Fixed crashes reported in Crashlytics
BUG Swiping from right to left on an already fulfilled task, now also deletes the associated event
BUG Added pull to refresh for messages view


1.6 Build 1

New Feature Todays Tasks iDialogs widget now available in the notification area
NEW FEATURE Added ripple effect for cards to indicate touch
NEW FEATURE Added alarm manager to trigger audit update so the app can have fresh tasks each day
NEW FEATURE Added UI Caching to improve rendering speed of the calendar
NEW FEATURE Added medication bundling for tasks
NEW FEATURE Added touch listener for adding, editing, deleting and dismissing tasks and events
NEW FEATURE Added iDialogs branding to Android theme to show logo during cold start screen
NEW FEATURE Added UI Caching for Badges, Calendar, Charts and general Bitmaps
NEW FEATURE "Options" saved to Shared Preferences
NEW FEATURE Added Native back button functionality
Improvement Added mini-calendar view for viewing past dates on the Tasks tab
Improvement When entering new exercise the form will default to most recent workout data
Improvement Added default styles to home page cards to show when no data is available
Improvement Minor visual improvements to builds 3 and 4.
Improvement When launching the app via external links the previous activity will now be resumed if extra security is encountered.
IMPROVEMENT Added firebase token to shared preferences for easy retrieval
IMPROVEMENT Smoothed out transitioning between screens such as forms and chat
IMPROVEMENT Improved text layout for card
IMPROVEMENT The "add data" tab option now animates upwards as an overlay when tapped
IMPROVEMENT Improved touch listener for the "option" screen
IMPROVEMENT Added default feedback card to the reports section
IMPROVEMENT Increased text sizing across the app
IMPROVEMENT Improvements made to the touch states of the app especially the home screen cards
IMPROVEMENT Improved network caching for calls made through out the app
IMPROVEMENT Added styling for the loading spinner found on the reports and tasks tab
IMPROVEMENT Added medication bundling to calendar day view
IMPROVEMENT Added swipe to day view for tasks and events
IMPROVEMENT Added pull to refresh on calendar day view
IMPROVEMENT Improved JSON package for medications to quicken submission
IMPROVEMENT Utilized lazy loading to reduce cold start time
IMPROVEMENT Changed pull-to-refresh structure for tasks, calendar, reports and home screens to meet material design standards
IMPROVEMENT Snack bar for server sync now only shown during upload to reduce pop up frequency
IMPROVEMENT Medication Bundling added on the home screen
Bug Improvement to the tracking of Pusher remote notification connectivity
Bug Minor patch to Pusher live-updating library
Bug Fixed configuration issue with the new widget and touch ID security features.
Bug Patched a bug in the touch ID security feature that could lead to blank views.
BUG Fixed error in form date change that would set date to previous month
BUG Fixed error when calling for firebase access token
BUG Fixed bug where tapping on the "android back button" caused the bottom tab to disappear
BUG Home screen play/pause buttons defaults to "play" for feedback card and "pause" for health metrics
BUG Events and Task Calendars now correctly correlate to the calendar day-view
BUG Tasks now correctly submits the associated "task id" which now correctly marks them as fulfilled on the server
BUG Fixed "null" heart rate when updating blood pressure
BUG Fixed bug which prevented previous medication amount from appearing in the medication form
BUG Fixed bug which caused the wrong top navigation bar from appearing in the app
BUG Fixed a small code snippet which showed "past events" as blank if no events were taken
BUG Fixed bug which caused two balls to be drawn display under the feedback card
BUG Feedback messages and health metric cards start from the left instead of the right
BUG Added logic so that medications can be selected based on time period when using the "add data" tab
BUG Fixed bug which prevented charts for individual medications from displaying data
BUG Purposely disabled "android back button" due to fragment issues that occurred
BUG Fixed fatal error when deleting an medication when on the event calendar day view
BUG Fixed null error which caused some days to not show the proper tasked associated with a particular day
BUG Fixed past events section so that events are categories by date correctly
BUG Fixed swipe functionality on Tasks, Past Events and Calendar - Day view cards by removing previously implemented pull-to-refresh structure
BUG Added generic feedback card for users that currently have no feedback
BUG Fixed various bugs found in Firebase logs
BUG Fixed UI issues related to dark mode
BUG Fixed exercise form so if a type doesn't exist for an exercise it is no longer displayed
BUG Fixed bug concerning medications showing 0 medications in task card
BUG Fixed logout functionality which caused data to persist throughout the app regardless of user


1.5 Build 2

New Feature Grouping of event data, similar to the grouping of tasks
New Feature Linking between tasks and their fulfilling events
New Feature Ability to report feedback messages that appear problematic
Improvement Further style updates to the "Tasks" tab
Improvement Added "no events" view to tasks page
Improvement Added animation to forward/back arrows on stream
Improvement Implementing new app-wide design
Improvement Updating tasklist/events page to work more like calendar drill down
Improvement Incomplete tasks count "Badge" on icon and tab item
Improvement Stream performance improvements (granular view updating)
Improvement Interactive animations when tasks are dismissed/fulfilled
Bug Resolved a redirect issue with the preference webviews introduced by a recent server update
Bug Restored task refreshing on date change
Bug Weight form no longer rounds decimal weights
Bug Fixes to webviews to better support 3rd party integrations page
Bug Fixed a small bug in refreshing of data after app version migration
Bug Fixed issue with the tab bar jumping around during view transitions
Bug App will update tasks correctly when date changes
Bug Fixed issue with indefinite spinner on task list
Bug Patch for bulk deleting of events
Bug Events and tasks reset their position after a swipe-to-edit
Bug Fixed issue where scrolling of the task list was sometimes broken
Bug Completed subtasks no longer visible when "show finished tasks" is off
Bug Fixed task/event toggle appearance in dark mode
Bug Fixed issue with menu caret appearance after toggling color scheme
Bug Fixed rare issue with report data not loading after refresh
Bug Fixed dark mode bug for picker views
Bug Addressed a core bug in web views that can cause a silent crash
Bug Bugfix for loading tasks on a new date
Bug Major improvements in memory management on many sections


1.4 Build 1

New Feature Now using web views to display help content and other pages from the website
New Feature In-app preferences added, using a combination of web views and native forms
Improvement Greatly expanded use of settings menu for preferences, information, logout, refresh, etc.
Improvement Forgot password link available on login screen, change password in settings
Improvement Live updating of user profile, preferences, prescriptions and score data
Improvement Visual improvements when keyboard opens on login screen
Improvement Fixed how the app handles password changes and logouts
Improvement Stability improvements, especially to web views
Improvement Layout improvement to the health metric indicators
Improvement Changed home-page layout to scrolling left-to-right
Bug Report links from emails will now open to web version for accuracy
Bug Visual bug fixes in forms, notification popups, status bar, dark mode
Bug Bug fixes improving app stability and rare crashes
Bug Improvements to web view authorization to avoid showing the login screen
Bug Patched small style bug for exercise events and event form
Bug Patched issue where some avatar images could crash the app
Bug Webview-related bugfixes
Bug Avoid potential crash when device lags and user taps a link repeatedly
Bug Additional web view redirect fixes
Bug Visual bug with the tab bar when closing and resuming the app


1.3 Build 4

New Feature Added support for customized feedback messages and images
New Feature Support complex formatting of feedback messages include links
New Feature Added launch image
Improvement Improved avatar support and sizes in feedback messages
Improvement Converted whole app to new, faster performing JSON library
Improvement Moved connection notice banner to lower portion of screen
Improvement Toggle tab bar when the options drawer opens
Bug Minor bugfixes and style fixes
Added structure and foundation for API
Added Twilio Integration
Added config options for multiple servers.
Added blood glucose conversation.
Added medication conversation.
Added ability for randomly chosen dialog within a set of responses.
Registered with four cloud based email services ();
Registered as Fitbit & Withings developer. Received credentials. Added library for FitBit.
Added API credentials for Wolfram Alpha. Will require an upgrade for commercial use.
Ajax / jQuery / js
Added Ajax delete functionality for events and prescriptions. Animated removal of items from table.
Simplified stream filter js code.
Added Globals of base_url for js
Added jQueryUI & Bootstrap jQueryUI theme. Used distributable that only contains necessary code.
Rewrote site js code to be object oriented and into an observer pattern.
Styling fixes to Wordpress template
Charts and Tables
Upgraded highcharts/stocks to 3.0 version.
Added dynamic functionality to group (aggregate) data, split data into multiple series, and produce a limited set of statistics on data. Note that this calculation of data on the fly means that reports are always real-time. However, there is a negative performance implication when working with large data sets. We may want certain data to be pre-aggregated on certain levels or time intervals via a chron process.
Added overall and hourly statistic summary table.
Added charting theme/style sheet to reduce specifications in code.
Database / Data Model
Added length to password field to accommodate additional hash length
Moved saving of events to event model.
Created database model for storing dashboards, modules, and user level preferences about said modules.
Added medication database from the FDA@Drugs db. Condensed database from dosage granularity to name granularity.
Created flexible form creation from view based arrays. In the future forms can be entirely database defined and driven.
Automatic formatting of phone numbers with Ajax.
Added Separate Forum installation for press.
Evaluated phpBB and determined GPL license was not compatible with our goals.
Evaluated vBulletin as commercial option but information is limited. Remains option for future.
Instituted scheduled back-ups and server start-up and shutdowns to optimize cost for Amazon AWS.
Evaluated more secure stacks than WAMP for production. Zend Server CE offers a production ready stack but requires some configuration to use. Will continue to evaluate.
Evaluated HIPPA compliant hosting. AWS has a white paper claiming that HIPPA compliant apps can be developed on AWS but doesn’t offer much beyond that it seems. Other cloud providers seem more ready to say that they have passed an audit but may have other drawbacks and expenses. Requires further evaluation.
Message View
Improved styling on message view. Works with dynamic messages.
Added Icon to Represent Ida
Added tab navigation to reports section (Flexible Dashboard)
Added tooltips for tabs
Flexible Dashboard
Created flexible dashboard controller and view
Tried flexible dashboard with gridster.js library. Ultimately decided on jQueryUI sortable instead.
Made dashboard modules responsive.
Integrated with history API to update urls in browser bar.
Hid account linking and sharing until they work.
Added sliders to communication page.
Added reminders table to communication page.
Added before meal targets to health page.
Added autocomplete functionality for selection of drug names
Improved behavior of date-picking widget. Will automatically close on click.
Added Apple Touch icons for iPod, iPhone, retina iPad, and retina iPhone.
Created pillbox selection styling for auto-selection of prescription.
Fixed Ajax logout issue for section Ajax links.
Moved from MD5 Hashing to salted hash based on Portable PHP password hashing framework. NOTE: All users must reset their passwords.
Added CSRF global for jQuery post.
Created authorization function for accessing user data.
Added signed SSL certificates to DEV and STAGE. Added extended SSL to PROD.
Static Pages
Updated team page to be database driven. Added functionality for social media links and additional info link.
Removed job page.
Swapped Blog and Contact link in header.


1.2 Build 16

New Feature Rotation supported on all pages in the app
New Feature Tasks card on the homepage
New Feature Home page now laid out as one table of scrolling cards
Improvement Further performance improvements on reports page
Improvement Minor layout improvements for rotation support in the pull-down options drawers
Improvement Performance improvements and bug fixes on charts pages
Improvement Restored green circles for complete days on task calendar
Improvement Disabled Exercise All graphs for now
Improvement Updated day view title copy
Improvement Small change to dosage amount selection on medication form
Improvement Added failsafe after event uploading to double check that local data is up to date
Improvement Improved the appearance and sorting of badges
Improvement Interactivity improvements to the Pull To Refresh feature
Improvement Improvements to the home page task card
Improvement Added some improved navigation mechanisms and animations
Improvement Changed default bar chart color
Improvement Changed tap behavior in event stream
Improvement Removed delta values on graphs
Improvement Layout changes on exercise presets and glucose meal tag form fields
Improvement Auto-focus to relevant fields on weight, bg, bp pages
Improvement Added finer control for the autoscrolling of cards
Improvement Completed spec of sorting, grouping, bundling of tasks and related options. Should behave like the web now.
Improvement Set the pull down drawer caret icon to rotate on toggle
Improvement Change achievement to badge-only card
Improvement Autoscrolling on all cards
Improvement Option to change auto scrolling
Improvement Option for excluding finished tasks
Improvement Multi-select option for bundling
Improvement Added long-press actions and fixed touch-down styles
Improvement Moved page-options into a new dropdown "drawer"
Improvement Autolayout rotation supported on task and event streams
Improvement Task grouping control added as option, bundling options to follow soon
Improvement Refined feedback card view
Improvement Added/fixed drilldowns on all cards
Improvement Redesigned badge card
Improvement Added page-specific preferences as nav bar action
Improvement Consistently using user icon as profile nav in top-right
Improvement Added auto-rotation to feedback card catalog for testing
Improvement Added support for multiple feedback messages
Improvement Feedback messages will appear in the reports section: sizing is still buggy
Improvement Added resizing logic on page navigation to the home cards
Improvement Changed feedback card style to colored text on white background
Improvement Added fields to feedback model for better tracking of messages
Improvement More layout improvements and testing
Improvement Midnight event for updating date-sensitive pages
Improvement Autolayout structural improvements
Improvement Changed the date navigation component on the calendar drilldown
Improvement Widely applied "card" style. see home screen, stream views, reports summary, etc.
Improvement Tabs re-arranged to give todo/events their own tab, settings now accessed by top-right icon
Improvement Improvements to design consistency, e.g. fonts, sizes, colors
Improvement Navigation bar now uses titles instead of idialogs logo
Improvement Improved support for rotation, home page only so far
Bug Resolved issue where reports could end up with bad axes, especially bar charts
Bug Minor layout bug on reports page where after rotation the charts would be stuck halfway between two pages
Bug Fixed some issues with the badges view and added a migration tool for the awarded badges
Bug Fixed touch areas of navigation buttons
Bug Minor fixes to pie charts
Bug Fixed bugs in the events table introduced in build 9
Bug Fixed some autolayout bugs on the home screen
Bug Fixed a problem with the page options not updating at the appropriate time
Bug Restored swipe functionality
Bug Small bug fixes and performance enhancements
Bug Restored event delete functionality
Bug Miscellaneous bug and crash fixes
Bug iPad bug fix for alert view on stream pages
Bug Fixed conflicting tap/long press gestures on stream
Bug Dark mode fixes: date pickers, bundle options, placeholder text
Bug Fix margin on tiles
Bug Fix yellow color of feedback
Bug Fix sorting of sub-tasks, tasks, groups
Bug Options form on the calendar and Todo page should stay in sync now
Bug More dark mode fixes, especially on forms
Bug Badge view layout change
Bug Font sizing fixes
Bug Fixed small layout and color regressions
Bug Some color bug fixes


1.1 Build 4

New Feature Added app-wide request router for navigation
New Feature Support for Universal Links (iOS 9) to allow web links (https) to be opened in the app
New Feature Support for notification actions, such as an opening event form when a reminder is tapped
New Feature Support for force touch shortcuts (3d touch devices only)
New Feature Deep link protocol idialogs:// for inter-app activities
Improvement Short urls should now open in the app
Improvement Reverted test code that changed default target API server
Bug Preventative measure against rare crash


1.0 Build 12

New Feature Added new relic analytics agent
Improvement Performance enhancements to calendar and stream views
Improvement Network monitoring: copy updates for network errors
Improvement Network monitoring: banner shows less frequently, but icon spins whenever network is active
Improvement Loading page design change (check boxes for progress)
Improvement Fix for morning sync issues
Improvement Syncing and network performance improvements
Improvement Badge page updates appropriately
Improvement Improved network error reporting and messages copy
Improvement Small performance patch
Improvement Added comprehensive checks for network connectivity
Improvement Removed allow notifications button in favor of triggering it on swipe or skip
Improvement Improved reliability of Pusher syncing
Improvement More tweaks on the login and get started screens
Improvement Added multi-threading to process large operations in the background
Improvement Client-side bundling of tasks to better sync changes
Improvement Resolved some syncing issues with events and tasks
Improvement Re-introduced tap behaviors for feedback tips and badges on home screen
Improvement Additional fix to preference for show/hide the getting started screen
Improvement Further copy updates on the event table stream
Improvement Selecting an unfulfilled task on the calendar will always default form to correct time
Improvement Allow dismissed tasks to be reset
Improvement Copy updates in the events stream
Improvement Get started screens now accessible from profile page
Improvement Notification button is disabled if you've already allowed them
Improvement Improvements to axes and guidelines on BP/HR charts
Improvement Improved calendar page shows past events and past scheduled tasks
Improvement Calendar allows for filtering by event types
Improvement Exercise task display corrected
Improvement Better handling of partially complete medication bundles
Improvement Improved getting started screens
Improvement Event entry selection screen revised
Improvement Minor performance enhancement on calendar page
Improvement Minor enhancements to the calendar stream details page
Bug Added critical login expiration support
Bug Patched critical validation bug on the exercise event form
Bug Small visual bugs on login and welcome screens
Bug Patched miscellaneous obscure crashes reported from crashlytics
Bug Fixed calendar sorting bug
Bug Fixed copy updating error on the calendar stream view
Bug Resolved issue of weight graphs not loading data
Bug Rare crash on reports fixed
Bug Dismissal of event form fixed
Bug Remove crash on calendar options page
Bug Additional fix to allow notifications button
Bug Single-med tasks link to event form correctly
Bug Copy fixed in the calendar filter picker
Bug Bug fix for users with no prescriptions
Bug Miscellaneous copy and visual bug fixes
Removed unused library
Verified that today's tasks update when viewed from home page
Added blog functionality.
Completed initial iDiablog custom Wordpress Theme
Updated Google tracking code to record data properly. We reliable visitor tracking on production since mid-March.
Made calendar view driven by dynamic data.
Created multiple tables and extension tables to model drug dosages, exercise, weight, and meals.
Wrote abstracted event model for standardizing data between different types of events (bg, weight, meals, exercise, and medication).
Added prescription table.
Added custom success messages on submitting contact and invitation forms.
Added PHPass library for encryption
Copy edits
Added pictures for Cheri Waker and Ira Goldstein
Added new footer with social integration
Bug Fixes
Addressed several points on site copy from Lea’s feedback.
AJAX Page Load